Talent Heroes | Helping startups grow without using recruitment agencies
Talent Heroes work in-house, to attract and hire the best talent, for an all inclusive fixed monthly fee. Save time hiring, drive efficiency, reduce costs and deliver value remove the need for external recruiters.
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A proven methodology for your growth

Talent Heroes work in-house, implicitly understanding your culture, to attract and hire amazing talent.


By removing the distraction of hiring, our interim service helps make you more productive, whilst

removing the need for recruitment agencies.


 Talent Heroes support existing hiring teams, or create the talent function from scratch where needed.

#1 Understand


Our in-house hiring model is uniquely crafted for each and every client need. By taking time to understand your requirements, we’re able to plan and deploy a talent model that gives you a competitive edge, freeing you to focus on your day job.

#2 Collaborate


We become brand ambassadors for you, working from the inside out, embedded into your culture. Our Talent Managers become a natural extension of your own team, utilising their experience to add value and remove distraction. Together we make you the organisation talent wants to work for.

#3 Deliver


By working to an agreed project plan, with predetermined deliverables and a communications strategy, you’re kept informed and in control. A sustained approach to your talent planning and hiring means the need for external agencies is removed, whilst time and cost to hire is decreased.

 Talent Heroes hire, so you don’t have to.

The type of businesses we work with:

  • Early Stage

    • Seed or initial funding stage
    • Usually hires directly
    • Little, or no HR team
    • Size 5-20
    • Up to 4 open jobs
    • No recruitment tech

  • High Growth

    • Round A+ funded
    • Multiple hiring requirements
    • Will hire in waves
    • Rapid growth plans
    • Would like best in class talent process
    • Basic use of recruitment tech
    • May have limited talent function
    • Size 20-250

  • Established

    • Experienced in hiring
    • Use external/internal recruiters
    • Have an HR team in place
    • Have an employer brand
    • Planned hiring
    • Have a recruitment process in place
    • Are using recruitment tech
    • Seeks efficiency and ROI for recruitment
    • Size 20-500

Committed delivery

Removing the uncertainty with contracted deliverables whilst putting you in control of growth.

Expert knowledge

Each Talent Manager is an expert in their field, giving you unparalleled reach and credibility as and when you need it.

Less distractions

We remove the distraction of hiring, by managing part or all of your hiring process, so you can focus on product and customers.

Speed to hire

With our depth of market understanding, scale of network and process improvements, we can slash your time to hire. 

Risk reduction

Our contracted process removes the risks involved in hiring, maximising utilisation and delivery. 

Save money

Great reach, improved process and full utilisation, removes the need for external recruiters and the drain on internal resources, saving you money.

Find out more about working with Talent Heroes