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Benefits scheme that your team are actually interested in

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How to create a benefits scheme that your team are actually interested in.


We’ve all worked in organisations that we think have no idea about us as people. They don’t know how to treat us, they don’t communicate effectively and worst of all the remuneration package is a token gesture, rather than a committed understanding of what will actually motivate us. So, if you’re a Founder, or business leader, how do you determine what will rally the troops and really incentivise them?

The basics

Holidays, sick pay, pension, flexible working, time off in lieu, tech, expenses etc, have become the norm (and in most cases legislatively mandatory) Whether mandatory, or not from a legislative perspective, you have to provide these, or someone else will. But what else can you do?

It’s about being human.

Every member of your team is different. This basic understanding of human beings is vital. A single man, without a mortgage and an ambition to just do work that has impact, is totally different from  married man with a family, mortgage and need to provide. A single woman, determined to accelerate her career, is totally different from a married woman, whose most important requirement is to get satisfaction from her work by delivering great results, but in a timeframe that works around the school run and family life. There are literally 100’s of persona’s to consider.

When there are so many personas, it’s less about gimmicks and more about life. The thing that everyone responds to is input, so the key to your benefits scheme, is in built personal reviews. Without these everything else is superfluous. We all want to feel valued and needed. If you don’t build in both informal and formal interactions that feedback to your team on what they are doing well, what can be improved upon etc, you don’t have a benefits scheme that works.

build in both informal and formal interactions that feedback to your team on what they are doing well

Differentiation is vital.

Now, whilst we’re being human and giving input, we also need to appeal to the incentivisation requirements, that drive teams to deliver more. These range significantly and must be different for all, but they must also be linked to meeting individual, team or company goals.  

There are some great ways to do this yourself with ‘off the shelf’  rewards through the likes of Perkbox and Red Letter Days, whilst for those that want a more tailored approach The Happiness Index and other type companies will create a bespoke program for you.

Food for thought. Delving deeper into employee satisfaction will save you time money and heartache. You may be interested in these articles:

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