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How to avoid employee disengagement and churn

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How to avoid employee disengagement and churn


There’s nothing worse that the dreaded ‘Can I have a meeting with you please?’ request that comes from a key member of your team. You can hear in their tone, that they are going to give you the bad news that they have ‘outgrown the company’, and ‘need to move on’, or that they have been approached ‘out of the blue’ and ‘can’t pass up the opportunity’ they’ve been offered.

At best, you may be able to counter offer and secure them, at worst their departure will start a domino effect of leavers. So, how can you reduce churn to protect your growth ambitions, and maintain a motivated team?

2 Years is the longest tenure for the top 10 tech companies in the world

Well, here is the reality.

  • No one expects to stay with their employer forever.
  • 66% of staff are open to approaches from companies.
  • 15% is the UK average annual staff turnover
  • 2 Years is the longest tenure for the top 10 tech companies in the world
  • 1.64m The number of digital tech jobs in the UK


Once you realise that it’s nothing personal, there are two things to look at reviewing to ensure you’ve done all you can to retain your best people.

#1 What are the key drivers for staff happiness

Understanding what makes people happy at work means you can start to develop your culture to support that need. Boston Consulting Group’s study of 200,000 employees found the following top ten reasons for job satisfaction:

  • Appreciation for your work
  • Good relationships with colleagues
  • Good work-life balance
  • Good relationships with superiors
  • Company’s financial stability
  • Learning and career development
  • Job security
  • Attractive fixed salary
  • Interesting job content
  • Company values


#2 Why do people leave their jobs to go elsewhere?

At the opposite end here’s a list of the most cited reasons that staff are unhappy at work. Does your culture work, or is there a negativity that needs addressing?

  • Bad boss
  • Workload
  • No Recognition
  • Broken promises
  • Relationships with colleagues
  • Lack of flexible working
  • Slow, or no progression opportunities
  • Micro management
  • Lack of company vision
  • Culture of the organisation


Food for thought: The key reasons that prompt staff to go elsewhere are easily identified within your own business by looking to survey your team. It’s simple, effective and shows that you genuinely appreciate their feedback.

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