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Quick hacks to drive enthusiasm at work

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7  Quick hacks to drive enthusiasm at work and improve output.


Your team are working hard. They’re meeting deadlines, shipping product, driving revenue, but there just seems to be a bit of a lull in the office. It’s not an unusual scenario for a Founder, or leader to find themselves in. But how can you jump start the motivation, so that lethargy and morose don’t set in? After all, once that happens you’ll start to miss deadlines, ship less product and make less money!

The good news is that you don’t have to spend huge amounts of time, effort, or money to have a quick ‘double espresso’ type boost. Here’s some ideas you might want to try out.

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work” - Aristotle

The breakfast bonus:

Take time to tell your team not to buy their breakfast on a Monday and instead lay on croissants, fruit, yogurt and juices and have a relaxed huddle on the ups and downs of the previous week.

The leave earlier lottery

Give everyone a ticket with a number on it and draw a number of winners on a Friday. Each of those gets to leave the business a couple of hours earlier. As no one knows if they will win, it’s not expected.

All away day

Surprise your team with an ‘all company’ work from home day. For most businesses no-one really needs to be in the office and although you may already have flexible working. A surprise day is always welcomed.

10 minutes with

You have a busy schedule, but take 10 minutes with your team members, individually and at random times. Ask them how they are, find out about their life, their interests etc. Knowing that your boss has interest in you, beyond work is a powerful motivator to loyalty.

Bring your pet in

If your team have pets, letting them bring them in is proven to stimulate the work environment.

Role swap

Does that same person run the stand up, your weekly meeting, the end of quarter results? Change it up and give others the chance to lead on these things, including how they think they can be improved. You’ll be surprised by how appreciated they feel that you’re trusting them with the responsibility.

Pizza positivity

When something goes wrong get pizza in. Discuss the benefits of what you’ve learnt collectively. Seek opinions on how you could do better next time. Make it a learning experience and a positive outcome. Your staff won’t dwell on it and they’ll be pleased you’re happy with the outcome. They’ll also welcome the informality of the discussion.

Food for thought

According to Gallup, just 13 percent of employees worldwide feel engaged at work. Now, while a single employee’s job satisfaction may not seem like a bottom line issue, it’s worth noting that staff who are most engaged outperformed less engaged staff by 20% in sales, by 21% in profitability, and had 24% less turnover. They’re compelling numbers.

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