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No applicants, or the wrong ones. Why?

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I want to hire, but either don’t get applicants, or I get the wrong ones. Why?


As we write this, there are currently 12500+ jobs listed on WorkInStartUps, just one of more than 50 job boards and platforms that service the UK digital industries. At the same time there are over 58,000 digital businesses in the UK*, nearly all of whom are growing. No wonder some businesses find it hard to get noticed.

How do I get people to apply? 

Most companies understand the importance of a brand and they generally do a really great job of promoting their products or services. But, rarely do they spend the time really thinking about their employer shop window, otherwise known as their employer brand. Employer brand is a huge subject, with globalised companies spending millions a year to ensure their positioning in the talent space.

But you don’t have to be a multi-million  pound business to be noticed. You can do some quick hacks to stand out. Here are just two.

1 Your job ads. Does the content work hard enough? 

Often, this is the first place that a potential employee meets your brand, so your adverts have to convey your personality, not just what you’re looking for from the individual. If it’s all about you, you’ll just be like an annoying, egotistical date.

Job adverts should be placed in as many sites as you can with your budget. This is easier said than done, but many job boards have a freemium service, with a premium option. Look at Glassdoor, Indeed, WorkInStartUps and AngelList for some of these. Then you have the specialist boards and forums of StackOverflow and Github for developer talent. The wider your reach, the more applicants.

there are currently 12500+ jobs listed on WorkInStartUps

2 Get noticed when you are not looking  

You should always have a hiring mentality, even when you don’t have a position open. Put out news through your social profiles when something good happens and append it with a hiring message.

“We’re stoked by our latest new release! Stay tuned for more developments and openings here”

“Crowdfund complete. Success. We’re in for a busy few months as we develop out our products. Say hi to us, as we’re always looking for talented professionals interested in the work we do”

Food for thought. Now you have more applicants, how do you ensure that you hire the ones you want without them going to a competitor?


(*TechNation report 2016)

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