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An employer brand checklist any company can use

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An employer brand checklist any company can use


It may well be the latest buzzword in recruitment circles, but you simply can’t underestimate the importance of employer branding. Get it right and your business will be a much more attractive option for would-be staff and even your existing employees, helping to boost retention rates and reduce recruitment costs.

Get it wrong however and you’ll undoubtedly see your reputation take a significant hit. Not only is there the danger that interviewees will spread bad reviews of their experience online, you may also notice a knock-on effect with your workforce, which could impact morale and productivity.

So, how do you establish a strong employer brand? Well, the 2017 Fortune 500 Top 100 Employment Brands Report from Wilson Human Capital Group features the companies that nailed it first time around and even offers some pointers on how you can do the same.

Career Pages

What’s the first thing a candidate does after seeing an ad on an employment website or job board? They visit the company’s website. In order to find out whether they want to work there or not, candidates will be looking for information like core values, company culture, and those all-important employment opportunities.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense to create career pages on your website. This can go a long way in attracting the top talent, as they will feel like they are wanted and appreciated.

Use the opportunity to include:

  • Images and video – To offer an insight into the working environment and your employees
  • Employee testimonials – To showcase your company culture and convince candidates to apply
  • Job benefits – To highlight the reasons why candidates would want to work for you
  • Career opportunities – To prove that further progression and promotion is a possibility


Job boards

When it comes to advertising a vacant position, it is a good idea to cast your net far and wide. The highest ranking companies in the Top 100 Employment Brands Report posted to several job boards with consistent messages.

Take the time to write ads that captivate your target audience with engaging job descriptions. Don’t just focus on day-to-day responsibilities either; be sure to include information about your company culture and the benefits employees receive too.

Wilson Human Capital Group said that “companies can stand out in their industry by building a viable employment branding strategy and successfully operationalising that strategy.”

Employee reviews

Considered to be of vital importance by Wilson Human Capital Group, employee reviews were allocated 35 per cent weight in its employer branding evaluation. This is chiefly because “authenticity matters more than any other quality for word-of-mouth.”

When researching your company, candidates that find positive reviews will automatically have greater confidence in you and be more likely to submit an application.

While you can’t exactly control what previous or present employees say about your company, you can influence their opinion through greater transparency, consistent messaging, and always delivering promises.

Awards and Press

The Top 100 Employment Brands Report reveals that Fortune 500 companies often get noticed for efforts and accomplishments in sustainability, work-life balance, operational efficiency, and diversity and inclusion.

As you can probably guess, companies that receive industry awards and press attention for these working ideals gain an immediate and influential competitive edge over rivals, especially in terms of recruitment.

You might think that national or even international accolades are more prestigious, but you shouldn’t overlook regional or local awards. After all, they can help you become a pillar in the community.

Recruitment marketing

Recruitment marketing is just as important as consumer marketing. It enables you to draw attention to your brand, get the industry’s top talent to take notice, and convince them to apply for vacant positions.

According to Wilson Human Capital Group, cohesion matters the most in recruitment marketing – “From your career-specific social media accounts and your employee testimonial videos to your dedicated talent community and job descriptions, your company’s Employer Value Proposition (EVP) should be apparent throughout.”

Traditional marketing techniques at your disposal to target and bond with potential candidates include blogging, social media and talent communities.

Social responsibility

An effective CSR strategy binds the organisation with the community, lends support to worthy causes, encourages volunteerism among the workforce, and offers matching donations when employees contribute to charities. Wilson Human Capital Group.

While CSR is evident in many places, you can improve your footprint through grants and donations, community outreach and employee volunteer days, sustainability and green initiatives, corporate ethics, employee well-being, gender equality, veteran recruitment initiatives, university recruitment initiatives, and inclusion and diversity recruitment initiatives.

It’s well worthwhile giving precedence to CSR, as several candidates will appreciate the fact you put people before money.

Key takeaways

It goes without saying that not everyone can make Wilson Human Capital Group’s Top 100. But there is nothing stopping you from implementing the same principles and initiatives as the highest ranking companies to improve your employer brand.

Employer branding doesn’t even require a huge amount of time, effort, or money, but could still propel your business to recruitment greatness and help it stand out in the crowded UK talent market.

Food for thought

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