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You need a winning candidate experience if you want to grow

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You need a winning candidate experience if you want to grow


You only get one chance to make a first impression. This is something that will rattle the nerves of nearly every candidate being considered for a job. But does it ever cross the mind of the employer?

Well, it should. According to a Robert Walters Insight Series white paper, experiences during the interview process have a significant impact on a candidate’s impression of an employer. In particular, 96 per cent of job seekers say that the personalities of interviewers have either a strong, or some influence on their decision to accept a job offer.

Even if they have a positive recruitment experience and accept your job offer, new hires may still decide to leave sooner rather than later once they land. In many respects, the process of on-boarding is just as important as recruiting, especially as ten to 25 per cent of new hires leave within their first six months of employment.

It’s all for nothing if they don’t accept

Your primary objective with any recruitment drive is to find the right candidate and convince them to accept your job offer. It’s a dangerous strategy to think that anyone would jump at the chance to work for you, as the very best talent is bound to receive all manner of impressive offers.

In addition to the wasted time and effort that comes with offering someone a job only for them to decline, you’ve also got to think about the impact it has on progress and profit. Recruitment can be a heavy drain of resources and the longer it takes to fill a critical role, the longer you’ll go without that employee’s adept input.

There can also be a distinct knock-on effect for the rest of the workforce. If they are lacking in support or direction, their on-the-job performance is sure to suffer. Therefore, it is in everyone’s best interests to get recruitment right the first time around.

Walk the journey yourself

The easiest and most effective way of creating a great candidate experience is to walk the journey yourself. From becoming aware of your company (how and through what media) to imagining what the daily routine is really like, try to adopt impartiality of how outsiders perceive your business.

Employers need to view job seekers as a key stakeholder group within their employer brand strategy, map out the entire candidate process and then work to systematically improve each area from brand awareness to recruitment to hiring and even on-boarding. Lian Shao, a human resources and organisational behaviour lecturer at the University of Washington Foster School of Business.

Leavers are a key data point – shatterproof your Glassdoor

The last point that Shao makes is particularly pertinent. In today’s digital society, disgruntled job seekers have the means and wherewithal to share their candidate experiences on social media, online forums, and sites like Glassdoor.

Companies that don’t focus on improving the candidate experience journey could actually end up harming their employer brand.

In fact, a CareerArc survey revealed that 72 per cent of candidates have shared their bad experience online or with someone directly. This could keep other candidates from applying and mean you miss out on your ideal employee.

That being the case, it makes perfect sense to use leaver interviews to glean insight into how you could improve the candidate experience. Remember that feedback doesn’t go away in a hurry and can be a never-ending loop.

Instead of candidates finding out about bad experiences on Glassdoor, which is now a common port-of-call for many job applicants, you should make every effort to enhance your reputation to avoid long-term recruitment and retention anguish.

Food for thought

Recruitment should no longer be thought of as an ad-hoc process, which is wheeled out whenever you need new personnel. If you want to find the right staff and keep them for the foreseeable future, recruitment must be an integral part of the everyday, which revolves around the candidate experience.

This way, you’ll build a much stronger and more positive brand identity, which is reflective of your culture, values, and mission.

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