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Why recruitment agency staff make great In-House Recruiters

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Why recruitment agency staff make great In-House Recruiters


According to a study by CV-Library, poor hiring decisions are generating losses of up to £15,000 for UK businesses. What’s more, two thirds (66.1 per cent) of recruitment professionals admitted to losing a significant amount of money on hires that haven’t worked out.

How do you avoid this from happening? Well, the same study showed that 55.3 per cent of respondents believed that vetting candidates properly before they hire them would ensure poor recruitment doesn’t cost their business.

This is possible with an In-House Recruiter. Not only can they ensure the right candidate is chosen, an In-House Recruiter also understands the market, can attract the very best talent, fill vacant positions in less time, and knows how to effectively communicate with applicants.

Therefore, an In-House Recruiter makes perfect sense. But there is still one obstacle you will need to overcome…

An external recruiter that wants to move to an in-house environment makes an excellent choice for growth orientated, ambitious businesses.

So, now you are going to hire an In-House Recruiter…who do you choose?

In-house recruitment can be a game changer for any organisation. It can streamline the hiring process and enhance the employer brand. But whether you realise these rewards or not will depend on your choice of In-House Recruiter.

Generally speaking, most employers tend to do one of the following:

#1 Engage an existing member of staff

Arguably the easiest way to enlist the help of an In-House Recruiter is to promote an existing member of staff. Options include the Operations Assistant, a Marketing Executive, or even an Intern.

While they may not be a perfect fit, you shouldn’t dismiss the idea straightaway. After all, they’ll have knowledge of internal processes, understand the company culture, and may even be able to continue some, or all of their current duties.

Then again, the negatives usually outweigh the positives. A lack in-depth recruitment knowledge, coupled with the likelihood of limited candidate reach (network), could mean little, or weak delivery of quality options to hire. Any lack of gravitas with senior talent, or internal stakeholders, will prevent engagement flawing hiring processes.

#2 Hire an In-House Recruiter from another business

The second option is to headhunt an In-House Recruiter from another business. This is a more rational and natural choice, particularly if the business they come from shares the same industry, or sector as your own.

That being the case, your new In-House Recruiter will understand the market as well as the type of talent you want to attract. They’ll have been there, done that, and got the t-shirt, giving you complete confidence your recruitment requirements will be met with professionalism and proficiency.

But there are drawbacks here too. They may be too set in their ways and not malleable enough to adapt to a new business. Additionally, they may have even lost their competitive edge and won’t necessarily strive to find the best talent. Most of all are they capable of meeting all your business objectives when it comes to talent acquisition. Forecasting, planning, budgeting, attraction, engagement,assessment and interview, pre and post offer formalities, as well as reporting and constant improvement and innovation of the full lifecycle, will all need managing.

#3 Hire a Recruiter from a recruitment agency

The third and final option is to target candidates working at recruitment agencies. While the benefits for the business are obvious, it is also proving to be a career boosting move for recruiters.

Multiple recruitment agency owner and former Dragons Den star James Caan recognises that the recruitment industry is losing several skilled staff to in-house recruitment positions. Therefore, you won’t be short of options when it comes to identifying and shortlisting potential candidates. This allows you to be more selective when it comes to desired qualities and traits too.

Another advantage is that they may experience frustration in their current role, as recruitment agency staff often lack a close connection with the businesses they work alongside, because they are treated as an outside supplier. Additionally, many recruitment agencies cultures are pressurised with fierce performance-based KPIs and little autonomy, or chance for creative thought or problem solving. 

This is something you can offer in abundance. Recruitment agency staff thrive on the new opportunities you can provide, bringing to the table a thirst for knowledge, the spirit of teamwork, and a passion for achieving shared goals.

Exposure to a vast array of organisations and industries will also deliver a great deal of market intelligence, which could come in handy for the future.

Conclusion – making the right choice

A lot can be said for choosing options one or two. They both have their advantages and can still help avoid fatal recruitment mistakes.

However, both are also fundamentally flawed and don’t represent the best long-term option. To truly achieve hiring success each and every time, you should look towards talent from a recruitment agency.

An external recruiter that wants to move to an in-house environment makes an excellent choice for growth orientated, ambitious businesses. They’ll receive a driven and target-focused individual that doesn’t have preconceived ideas about what the ‘in-house solution’ you have might look like, making them more amenable to change too.

Food for thought

All in-house solutions must be managed and this in itself needs careful consideration, especially from an impact perspective. For this reason, you might want to look at our Guide to Creating an In-House Recruitment Function to help you navigate the pitfalls.


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