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How to write a job ad that works

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How to write a job ad that works



Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but most job ads don’t attract the right talent. In fact, they do the complete opposite and usually attract too much of the wrong talent.

If you want to reduce irrelevancy and increase suitability, it helps to have a job ad that speaks directly to your ideal candidate. How do you go about this? Simple, follow our step-by-step guide.

Start with the job title

Job titles need to be real and relevant. Think of it as an exercise in brevity, where you succinctly explain what the role entails. Titles such as ‘Head of Niceness’ or ‘Organiser of the Extraordinary’ make for humorous articles but will do little to attract the kind of talent you really want.  

You will also need to strike the right balance with more general positions. For example, a job ad looking for an ‘Account Manager’ isn’t good enough. Be more specific with something like ‘Account Manager – Technology Deployment’ to receive more appropriate applications.

Hook them

Once you’ve grabbed their attention with the job title, you will need to engage applicants as quickly as possible. This is possible by including a few of the most exciting aspects of the job in the first paragraph.

It’s a technique that has been used from the early days of newspapers, right through to today’s digital society. Hook your audience early on and there is a good chance they will read the rest of the description.    

Swing when you’re winning

Keep up the intrigue and eagerness by moving onto your brand’s journey so far. Tell the reader about interesting clients or projects, awards, accolades, and details of the company culture.

However, its important to have a bit of humility as well, because this is a trait many applicants will admire. So, try not to brag, or be overly boastful.

What’s in it for them

The type of talent you desire the most will want to have an impact at their place of work and feel like they are valued. This should come across in your job ad and not be an afterthought once they are on board.

Consider outlining your mission statement to better partner with prospective employees towards a common goal. You may also want to promote how your company invests in the growth of its employees for the future of everyone.

Include minimum requirements

You will no doubt have some prerequisites for the position and a few minimum requirements. These are commonplace on most job ads, primarily used to prevent irrelevant applications from being submitted.

Examples include ‘5 Years managing clients in the technology sector’ and ‘Experience in SaaS environments’. But despite your best intentions, several people will still apply even though they don’t meet these requirements. Unfortunately, its somewhat unavoidable.

Food for thought

Don’t forget that job adverts are just one part of a much larger and more consequential process. In order to hire the top talent, you will need to give equal precedence to the candidate’s overall experience. Don’t leave it to chance, or you will fail in areas where your competitors succeed.

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