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Six talent acquisition models – which one fits you best?

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Six talent acquisition models – which one fits you best?


The world of talent acquisition has many models of delivery. Some are widely known, while others are more effective for certain businesses. Pick the right option and you can enjoy value for money, full control over your recruitment requirements, and perhaps most importantly, the very best talent.

In this article, we will look at the five talent acquisition models you have probably heard of already and a final sixth option, which could well be your secret recruitment weapon. We’ll also discuss how most organisations recruit based on their size. As you can probably guess, the bigger a business gets, the more complex its hiring management becomes.

The five you have probably heard of

  • Do It Yourself

Companies with up to 15 members of staff usually adopt the ‘Do-It-Yourself’ model. For small businesses, this makes a lot of sense in terms of both finances and logistics. You won’t pay any fees, can call upon existing employees to help, know exactly what skills are required, and retain complete control throughout.

However, there are drawbacks with the DIY approach. Along with the time and effort it takes, you will also be distracted from more important daily duties. Recruitment isn’t easy either, so any gaps in your knowledge and capabilities might come back to haunt you with the talent you identify.

  • Recruitment Agency

The next model is a firm favourite among SMEs and businesses that don’t want the responsibility of managing recruitment in-house. It often complements DIY efforts too, chiefly because a recruitment agency can be utilised as and when required. Pros include; an ability to identity the top talent, effective and effortless advertising, assistance with interviewing candidates, and invaluable industry insight.

Even so, recruitment agencies come at a cost, usually quite an expensive one (average 17.5% of salary). They also have a commitment to many other clients, who may be their priority. Add the time it takes to build a strong relationship as well as the challenges that come with communication and it doesn’t seem so beneficial after all.

  • In-House Recruiter

The In-House Recruiter is an excellent option from a culture, process management, and cost perspective. This means it is the model of choice for growing businesses with plenty of ambition. An In-House Recruiter will understand what makes a good hire for your brand, thanks to their first-hand experience. It also offers you control over every aspect of recruitment and you will pay a fixed cost rather than a price per hire.

But there are limitations to an In-House Recruiter. Most will only have expertise, or networking experience, in one area. They need to be carefully managed too, as there is a distinct danger of being under utilised. In turn, this leads to wastage and additional costs that need supplementing.

If you’re looking for strong operational and strategic input, you’ll need to hire an In-House Recruiter that has built a talent acquisition (TA) function, and not just operated within one. Take all of this into account and an In-House Recruiters deployment has to be carefully planned and executed to get true value.

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) – Master Vendor

This is generally the preferred option for large businesses with over 1000 employees. A master vendor service delivery model means that your recruitment provider will assume full responsibility for staff provision and talent acquisition. Essentially, it puts recruitment at an arm’s length, with the added benefit of in-depth reporting.

The master vendor is an all-encompassing solution, which takes care of your recruitment requirements promptly, with great professionalism and proficiency. But the overriding issue for many businesses is that master vendors have a vested interest in being the main supplier, creating a conflict with suppliers they manage.

  • ​Recruitment Process Outsourcing – Neutral Vendor

The neutral vendor does what it says on the tin – provides neutrality. “It is the absence of any vested interest in the suppliers that removes the potential commercial conflict that inevitably arises when providers seek to be part of the supply chain and also assume responsibility for managing it,” says temporary workforce provider de Poel.

But while a neutral vendor is more expensive than a master vendor, you still get the same drawbacks too. For example, they might not give you their best each and every time. The cost of recruitment process outsourcing can also be high, while a lack of control is not something every business will want.

The talent acquisition model you probably haven’t heard of…

  • Recruitment Process Insourcing for SMEs, start-ups, and scale-ups

You don’t have to pick one of the aforementioned models, or even a mix of two or three. Instead, consider the flexibility of an on/off model, which can be utilised at your convenience and isn’t based on a cost per hire. Recruitment Process Insourcing (RPI) delivers expert knowledge around key hiring needs, delivered through independent specialists, managed by your RPI Partner. You get expert reach against the hires you want, as and when you want, whilst you’re keep informed through ongoing reporting, but without the need for management.

It provides all the perks of in-house recruitment, the reach of external recruiters, and the process delivery of an RPO. Choose RPI from Talent Heroes to:

  • Meet hiring spikes
  • Become the in-house solution
  • Create effective systems and processes
  • Complement any existing talent acquisition team
  • Hire for skills outside your usual remit
  • Deliver a part-time solution from five days per month to suit your size of business


Food for thought

The beauty of these talent acquisition models is that every business is catered for. But why wouldn’t you pick the option that takes the advantages of each and rolls them into one? That’s Recruitment Process Insourcing.

Talent Heroes is a people business. We’re contracted by clients to work in house, attracting and hiring an unlimited number of staff, for an all inclusive monthly fee.


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